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Top 10 Questions to Ask a Horse’s Seller

Posted by on April 12, 2015

Learn how to safely make your equestrian dreams come true…


1. How long have you owned the horse?

2. Where did the horse come from?

3. Has he/she been professionally trained? If so, by whom?

4. Who rides the horse now and how often?

5. Where do you ride the horse most often? (i.e., arena, roads, trails)

6. Has the horse ever been turned out with a group of horses? If so, where is he in herd status?*

7. How is the horse for the farrier?

8. Can I access his current veterinarian and any vet records?

9. Is there a possibility of a trial lease before I purchase?

10. Is there a “buy back” policy or money-back guarantee?


If any answers to these questions leave you with a nervous or uneasy feeling, there may be some subterfuge going on. Be aware that an unsound horse can be treated with painkillers like bute before you arrive to look at him. This will temporarily take away any lameness but will not cure or prevent soreness from returning a few days after you’ve purchased the animal. For that reason, always get a vet to check out the horse, regardless of the purchase price.

Why should you hire me as a purchase consultant or a coach once you’ve bought your horse? The answers are in the many stories I relate in my book, Herdmates to Heartmates: The Art of Bonding with a New Horse.

I don’t sell or broker horses. I am an independent horse professional whose only goals are to help you find the horse that is appropriate for your skill level and interests, and to make sure you and your horse get to build the kind of relationship that will keep you safer in your equestrian activities.

*The answer to this question may give you greater insight into the horse’s temperament. If she’s alpha in a herd, she may try to dominate humans, too. If he’s at the bottom of the totem pole, an omega horse, he may be used to drawing confidence from his rider.


Contact Bonnie today for a free consultation

(928) 899-5088


“Bonnie Jackson has guided me to the tools and information I needed, and helped me create a safe  environment in which I can pursue my equestrian dreams with my new horse.”—Maureen K

“I bought my first horse when I was in my 40s. Bonnie’s book and her expert advice and coaching have helped me and my horse to feel more trusting of each other. I’ve learned so much in such a short time!”—Cindy S

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