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Everyone is new at something sometime in their lives…

Posted by on July 19, 2012

For instance, this is the first website I’ve ever built. Since I decided to become my own webmaster, there isn’t a day that’s gone by I haven’t approached my computer with sweaty palms, wondering what snag I would hit–what colossal gap in my knowledge, what one tiny bit of information would remain just beyond my reach and leave me sitting amongst tufts of pulled hair, spitting fingernails out of my teeth, and daubing at tears of frustration.

Interestingly, I’ve started doing just what you are currently doing to find answers for your new horse… trolling the Internet for SOMEONE who will listen to my questions and hopefully not treat me like too much of a clueless dolt. That non-judgmental acceptance is priceless for helping to build new knowledge. It’s what I hope to communicate to my clients with new, and not so new horses. After all, the difference between computer web building programs and horses is that you are building a relationship with a sentient being who will give you feedback and require that you have not just knowledge and skill but also a caring heart and, well, a sense of humor!

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