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What a Good Beginner’s Horse Looks Like – Week 3

Posted by on March 3, 2015

Description on YouTube: “HR Leo Bar Reed (barn name Leo) is a 13 year old super nice gelding. He is 15.2 hands tall and very stocky. He’s a sorrel with real light manes, almost flaxen. Leo is very gentle. Easy to ride, not lazy at all, he definitely has some get up and go, but is always very easy to control. Good neck rein, roll back. Great horse for trail riding, ranch work, roping, playdays. Also would make a great husband horse. He’s a lot of fun, smooth ride and a reliable horse.” More on the website, Located in northern Texas. $2950

What I like about this horse:

-He is quite responsive to his rider and he is big enough to easily carry an adult beginner rider.

-He has a good handle and three nice gaits, what looks like a smooth lope.

-He has a good start with tarps and flags, which is a good foundation if you’ll be using him for western competition.

-He is shown by a knowledgeable rider who, I assume, would be available to demonstrate him and answer any questions should you travel to see him.*

What I would advise:

-Vet check

-Ask to see him ridden out alone from the facility. (I do this with all the horses I buy to see what comes up for them.)

-Work with a trainer or get some riding instruction to get started right with this gentle, willing horse.

*Remember that viewing a video is merely the first step in buying a first horse. You need to visit and try out the horse. NEVER buy a horse online or sight unseen, no matter how tempting it might be. By being present with the horse, asking questions of the seller, engaging your own intuition, and checking your personal list of requirements, you can avoid a possibly disastrous impulse buy.

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